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Sébastien Tremblay

Dr. Sébastien Tremblay (he/him) is research associate and lecturer at the Europa-University Flensburg. He is also an associated researcher in queer history at Goldsmiths, University of London in the UK. Born in Montreal / Tiohtià:ke, he obtained his doctorate from the Graduate School of Global Intellectual History in Berlin in 2020. His dissertation focused on the pink triangle as a symbol of gay and lesbian identities in the transatlantic world, more specifically in the FRG, in the USA and Canada. His doctoral research has earned him grants from the Halle Foundation for German American Relations, the Ernst Reuter Society, the German Research Foundation and the DAAD. Before Flensburg, Sébastien was a postdoctoral fellow at the International Research College of the DFG Cluster of Excellence 'SCRIPTS - Contestations of the Liberal Script' where he studied the link between a queer collective memory of National Socialism, the media construction of the 'homophobic migrant' and the link uniting borders and temporalities.

He has published several articles, book reviews and blog posts in French, English and German. His latest article on the pink triangle in the transatlantic world has been published in the most recent issue of Revue d’Allemagne et des Pays de Langue Allemande. He is currently working on his first monograph based on his dissertation: A Badge of Injury: The Pink Triangle as Global Symbol of Gay and Lesbian Identities in the 20th Century. Outside of academia, Sébastien has worked as a consultant for the Schwules Museum in Berlin, the Goethe Institute, the Berlinale, and for Franco-German theatre plays presented at the Institut Français in Berlin.