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Perry Persson Baumgartinger

Mag. Dr. Persson Perry Baumgartinger is a researcher, lecturer, trainer and coach in the Areas of Applied Linguistics, Social History, Trans Studies, Critical Discourse and Dispositive Analysis, Research Ethics, Queer Linguistics, Critical Diversity Studies, Science & Art, Trans-Art & Cultural Production. He is active in teaching, lectures and performance lectures at various universities, i.a. the University of St. Gallen, University of Applied Sciences Campus Vienna, Humboldt University Berlin, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Kassel University of Art and Justus Liebig University Giessen. He implements and works in collaboration on numerous projects, trainings and workshops as well as publicating on Trans_Inter*Queer, Language & Power, Gender/Diversity, Critical Diversity and Social Justice. Next to this he mediates, consults and curates at the intersection of science, art and cultural production, among others for the WIENWOCHE, the Kunsthalle Wien and the Gay Museum Berlin. Baumgartinger founded the multimodal, critical encyclopedia project queeropedia around 2005 as well as the büro.institut.kollektiv diskursiv (formerly Verein ][diskursiv) together with Vlatka Frketić in 2007. He is Co-founder of the AG Poskolonial Queer as well as member of the AG Inter*Trans_Nonbinary of the Austrian Society for Gender Studies and the DFG network "Queer Contemporary Histories in German-Speaking Europe".

academic career: https://independentscholar.academia.edu/PerssonPerryBaumgartinger