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Maria Bühner

Maria Bühner does research on the subjectification of female* homosexualities in Eastern Germany (1945-1994) for her PhD. Maria studied cultural studies at Leipzig University and the University of East London. She worked as research fellow at Leipzig University and Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden in a research project on objects and sexualities. Since 2021 she works as a technical writer for Security Research Labs. Her research foci are the history of sexualities, material cultures of sexualities, body history, and the history of emotions. She published several articles on lesbians in the GDR, wrote an expertise for the Senate of Berlin, and also works as a freelancer on these topics. Additionally, she is a co-publisher of a volume on European gender history (2018, Franz Steiner) and conference proceedings on collection policies and sexualities (2021, Böhlau).

Publications :

The Ambivalence of Feeling Backward: Lesbian Activists in the German Democratic Republic and their Politics of Memory, in History | Sexuality | Law, 31. März 2021, https://hsl.hypotheses.org/1632.

How to remember Invisibility. Documentary Projects on Lesbians in the German Democratic Republic as Archives of Feelings, in Afken, J./Wolf, B. (2019) Sexual Cultures in Germany in the 1970s – A Golden Age for Queers? Basingstoke/New York: Palgrave Macmillan, S. 241-265.