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Jennifer Evans

Prof. Jennifer Evans is an historian of contemporary Germany at Carleton University in Ottawa Canada. She writes about German and transnational histories of sexuality, visual culture, and social media and memory. Currently, she is overseeing a multi-year, multi-platform transnational project on social media and networks of hate between Germany, Canada, and the US that analyzes how historical memory is manipulated by everyday actors and organizations to cultivate mistrust around the role and legacy of democratic pluralism, migration, gender equality and LGBTQI* rights in western nations. She is co-founder and curator of the New Fascism Syllabus (www.NewFascismSyllabus.com) and the German Studies Collaboratory (www.GermanStudiesCollaboratory.org). Her writing has been published in Der Tagesspiegel, The Washington Post, the Guardian, the National Post, the Globe and Mail, and The Conversation. Prof. Evans is a member of the Royal Society of Canada's College of New Scholars.



2023 "Queer Kinship After Fascism" at the Duke University Press. To be released in Spring 2023.

2020 “Cross-dressing, Male Intimacy, and the Violence of Transgression in Third Reich Photography" German History, vol 22. Issue 1 (June 2020): 25-43 together with Elissa Mailander)

2019 "Entangled Gender Relations and Sexuality in the Historiography on the Two Post-1945 Germanys" in Karen Hageman, Friederieke Bruehoefener, and Donna Harsch, Gendering Post-1945 German History: Entanglements (New York: Berghahn Press, 2019).