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Summer School in History - Intersectionality: Challenges and Opportunities for European History?

News from Mar 08, 2024

Histories of class, gender, race, sexuality and disability intersect, yet the impact of these convergences on overall accounts of the past has gone unacknowledged for a long time. While theoretical debates on intersectionality, especially in the social sciences, have been productive, there remains a lot of scope for empirical research. The summer school explores the potentials and pitfalls of the application of an intersectional lens to the study of early modern and modern European history in a global context, including its colonial aspects. It does so by asking: How can the focus on experiences that have long been marginalized help us to diversify and rethink our understanding of European history?  The sessions will include talks addressing various historical periods and regions, groupwork with primary sources and secondary literature; there will also be ample opportunities for the exchange of ideas and getting feedback on individual projects.

The applicants are not limited to EU member states and we welcome extra-European participants. Applicants should be working towards or have completed a master's degree. Except under special circumstances, PhD students will not normally be admitted.

Enrolment numbers are limited and admission is based on merit.

More information can be found under: https://www.eui.eu/apply?id=summer-school-in-global-and-transnational-history

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